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Hiltron offers monitor & control systems for satellite and other communication systems. The system will be designed according to the individual requirements of our customer.


Our solutions are based on the state-of-the-art software platform VISIONIC developped by company INTOREL. This unique software uses MICROSOFT VISIO for visualisation.


The Visionic system is based on a client-server architecture over SOAP protocol. The server poll the connected equipment constantly and only in case of a change disseminate the information to its client GUI (graphical user interface) which is either installed on the Server PC or a remote station. The system allows that any number of remote workstations (>32) can be connected to any of the Visionic servers, thus enabling remote monitoring and controlling from workstations and laptops. The program for the remote workstations is supplied with the software package and it is royalty-free – the customer can install it on any number of workstations needed.


The client is the man machine interface and includes the complete graphical, multi-screen visualization of the complete system, indicate and logs the alarms and the events, switches to redundant equipment (if available), visualizes graphics on logged data. The client contains also a network management and error correction algorithms. This means that in case of a problem on the transport path or any server the operator will be informed immediately; while the program will try to repair / reconnect the problem.


A data sheet with a description of the software capabilities follows:




For more details, please refer to the website of Intorel:


Based on the practical experience of our customers an assistant program has been developed. This program posses a similar client-server architecture like the Visionic system. The server part of the assistant program is called RUP-server. The RUP-server is communicating with the internal Visionic server interface and in som applications directly with the relevant equipment. The RUP-client can be integrated in the Visionic client system. All data and logical processes are filed in a database. Thus the program is very flexible to be tailored to the customer’s requirements.
The assistant program RUP can be offered, implemented and integrated in the Visionic M&C system easily


Main Features:


This program supports the operator to configure the station very easily and quickly with following main features:


  • To point the antenna using memorized AZ, EL and POL parameters,
  • To enable an easy pointing of the antenna to a new satellite position
  • To configure the required receive and transmit parameters (frequency, pol, FEC, levels etc.) from satellite specific transponder/channel lists out of a relational database.
  • To edit, delete or generate new transponder / channel list with reference to a selected and pointed satellite.
  • To support the operator during the line-up.

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