Hiltron – DSNG Monitor&Control Software HMCS

Hiltron – DSNG Monitor&Control Software HMCS

Auto-pointing, Line-Up, HD Encoder Config.


 Hiltron is a proven and established supplier of SATCOM specialized equipment and related software products, with a rich history of unique and reliable controllers, including the Hiltron HSACU three axis DSNG antenna controller. HMCS is the most economic and flexible DSNG monitor & control software enabling DSNG operators to connect their system to the satellite (auto-pointing, line-up, setting of HD/SD encoding parameters) in a few minutes only.


HILTRON HMCS - DSNG Monitor & Control Software Design


Hiltron’s unique flexible HMCS monitor&control software product is the flagship for DSNG and small satellite systems ideally suited for any modern HD MPEG-4 DSNG vehicle for interactive user-friendly assistance of the whole up- and downlink chain. The Hiltron HMCS software package is the most advanced on the market for several reasons and a must for any new HD DSNG truck or an ideal replacement of an existing older control system.


The Hiltron HMCS software is completely hardware independent due to its design in Java. It uses a modern graphical user interface with sophisticated alarm message handling and provides a highly intuitive and efficient way for a professional satellite line-up procedure. It is fully integrated with market leader HD encoder/modulator hardware and with Hiltron’s latest fully auto-pointing DSNG HSACU antenna control unit.



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System Platforms 
   Java, running under the following
   operating systems:
   Microsoft WindowsXP, 2007, Server 2003/2008
   AppleApple OS


M&C- Parameters 
   Monitoring of parameters: Angles, limits, satellites
   Antenna Control Units

Hiltron HSACU

Other ACUs upon request


Newtec NTC22xx, AZ110, M6100

Ericsson Voyager II

   EncodersEricsson Voyager II
   IRDsEricsson RX8200, RX1290, TT1260


ETL Victor L-Band Matrix,

Hiltron HCS Redundancy Controller

Spectrum Analyzer NARDA NRA.

   Other equipmentUpon request
   Base Version

Includes all available drivers, a standard

GUI, a line-up assistant, and a transponder database.

   Extended VersionCustomer specific GUI design and additional
driver development
Alarm Handling
   Alarm messagingBy colour coding of equipment icons
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
   EquipmentColour coded icons with display of most
important parameters
   Parameter settingLower level sub-menus
   Line-upSeparate intuitive line-up assistant
  Additional featuresSpectrum analyser display with a number of special macros


  • Fully integrated with Hiltron’s new HSACU Antenna DSNG control unit for state-of-the-art auto-pointing functionality.
  • Integral satellite transponder and encoding profile data base.
  • Fully integrated with Ericsson’s flagship HD/SD MPEG-2/4 encoder/modulator Voyager II and others.
  • Fully platform independent, completely written in Java. Does not require special hardware.
  • Software installation within some minutes.
  • State-of-the art line-up assistance.
  • Very intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) with alarm based colour coding (refer to figures at the left).
  • Optimized DSNG workflow with a minimum of mouse clicks.


  • Integration of customer specific equipment on request.

Typical Applications

Any DSNG operator who wishes to have user-friendly assistance of his uplink procedure with minimum investment (re-use of existing hardware and equipment).



Hiltron Premium Line D-SNG

Platform Comprehensive Satellite Communication System

The Hiltron DSNG platform integrates the complete SatCom equipment including third party equipment in a

unified database control system.


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